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    Baise University

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    University Overview Our partnership with Baise University has been perfect for the past year and we hope to keep working with them in order to further enhance our…

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    Yangtze University

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    University Overview The medical education program in Yangtze University could be traced back to 1951. Facts about medical education Laboratory area: 8685.99㎡; Operation platforms: 1500; Faculty members: 120;…

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    Hezhou University

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    Course Details Hezhou University is a public, full-time and multi-discipline university authorized by the Ministry of Education, P.R.C. Founded in 1943, it is located in Hezhou city in…

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    Yunnan Minzu University

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    Course Details Yunnan Minzu University(YMU) is a comprehensive institution of higher education for all Chinese ethnic groups. It is also a province-wide key university co-founded bythe Ministry of Education of the…

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    Yunnan Technology & Business University

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    University Overview Our relation with Yunnan Technology & Business University has been great over the pas year. The official representative of the university, Shi Jun Bai came to…

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    University of South China

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    University Overview University of South China (USC) is a very good partner of Heritage Education Consultants, The company has been working with this prestigious university since 2016 on…

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    Kunming University

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    Course Details Kunming University 昆明学院, founded in 1984, is Yunnan’s only comprehensive professional university approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Kunming University…

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    Xi’an Shiyou University

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    Course Details Xi’an Shiyou University (XSYU), a remarkable university characterized by petro & petro-chemical science education; a university boasts a history of more than 60 years. The campus…