The Chairman of the company, Mr. Han Xiao is a resident of Tangshan, Hebei Province and a well-known businessman. Mr. Han Xiao is responsible for promoting the Heritage Brand in China and also head of the office in Tangshan City. Being a responsible citizen and social worker, Mr. Han Xiao is the brand ambassador who represents our brand to the universities who are interested to work with us. Mr. Han Xiao also has an important role in creating awareness and supporting the One Belt One Road Initiative, also having the role of the president of CPEC Supporters Group in China. He has promoted the initiative in regions of Asia, Africa and Middle East. Having more than 13 years of experience as a businessman and representing the education sector, He is the perfect choice for representing the company and Chinese Institutes. Known for travelling various cities in China, he also has a strong desire to represent the beauty of China and the excellent education sector around the world.