As we all know that in the upcoming era, a good education will be of the utmost importance as the world is transitioning into a digital age and a good education will guarantee that you will be up to the challenge of this evolving era. But unfortunately just as much education is important, it is also just as expensive and many students who are not financially strong enough to fund these degrees have to give up on their dreams. By this estimate we can imagine how many intelligent and talented students are skipped over each year because of their financial background. But Not anymore.

There are many great education opportunities that these students are not aware of. We strive to bring these opportunities to the students themselves. By providing Fully Funded & Partial Scholarships in the top ranked universities of China, these scholarships are a chance for these students to achieve their dreams with ease as we will be providing the platform on which these students can shine. Scholarships are available for almost all fields such as Medical, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering, International Trade & Economics any many more fields.

Heritage Education Consultants is an education group that has providing a platform for talented students for over 8 years. More than 5000 students have been sent by HEC over the years to various top ranked Chinese universities. If you are interested in these opportunities then stay tuned for more updates on our blog and website in which we will share with all the details on the latest scholarships in China 2019. You can also contact any of our agents to start your admission process

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