Money Transfer Service

Heritage Consultants surpasses in its domain of services. For years we have been serving the students. With our consultant you can easily get admission in the high ranked and renowned Chinese universities. The educational policies of China are solely meant to benefit the students at both national and international level. From all around the globe, the students come to study in China.  Due to its increased demand and preference, China is becoming the land of one of the leading institutions. The faculties as well as the facilities in the Chinese universities are unmatchable. Similarly, we at Heritage Consultants extend our helping hand. You cannot find our parallel. We offer many services and one of its kinds is the money transfer.
After getting admission in your preferred Chinese university, the matter next in hand is the money transfer. Do not worry about the procedure and options as we are here to guide you. With our help you will be able to transfer money in minimum time.
Following are the methods of payment that you can use.

  1. PayPal

The fee of any Chinese university is made directly into the account. They do not prefer any indirect payment. For this PayPal can be used. If you have been a user of this service then you can make the payment. Otherwise you have to make an account on their website. The payment made through PayPal is safe and convenient.

  1. PayEase

This is another service that can help you in paying the dues. The online payment platform provides you a secure place to make the payment. It supports the Master Card and VISA cards. The account works based on the information provided through you credit card to carry on with the process.

  1. Bank Transfer (T/T) Overseas

The international students can use this service in order to make the payment in US dollars. The bank requires you to bring the invoice. The Application ID is essential in order to wire the money. The payment can be made in two to three weeks. You are notified by the bank after the dues are clear. You need to inform us after you have made the payment. 

  1. Bank Transfer (T/T) in China

If you are in China then this service can be availed to pay the dues. The fee is paid in RMB. As it is in China so it takes less time. Usually the dues are cleared in two to three working days.

  1. Western Union

The African applicants do not have access to T/T or PayPal. They are recommended to use Western Union order to make the payment. Fill out the information that they require and clear the dues.
So it can be seen that there are various methods of payment in China. Once you have got admission in the Chinese university, Heritage Consultants can guide you about the methods of payment. It is a matter of utter significance and we advise you to take utmost care while making a payment. We can guide you about the procedure.