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Heritage provides you with an easy journey from airport to university.

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We at Heritage Consultants understand the vital importance of accommodation for students. It is imperative for the students to find economical and peaceful accommodation to focus on learning. In order to provide them assistance in this aspect, we try our best to find accommodation. Our experts with thorough knowledge about the Chinese universities and accommodation can help you in learning about it. The Chinese universities not only fulfill the staple needs but also maintain the quality of services. This helps in the acquisition of knowledge.

Why should you prefer us?

Heritage Consultants has been in the service of its customers for quite a long time. The years of experience and with the competent staff at hand, we guarantee a flawless and impeccable flow of our services. We properly guide the students and serve to be their last resort. They can completely rely on us. We resolve their queries and walk them through the process of accommodation while they are studying in the Chinese universities.

Process for applying for accommodation

You must be able to choose the right institution before applying for admission. The accommodation is secondary in sequence. It comes after being admitted in the institution. The facilities offered in accommodation, however, should not be overlooked.
The qualified applicants can easily find accommodation. The can get booking prior to moving to China. The services offered by the universities often include the student dormitories. These dormitories are either in the campus or you can find their hostels in the vicinity. If you are not preferential about the dormitories then you can discuss this with us. Our team of experts can guide you about the accommodation outside the campus.

Useful tips

  1. We recommend you to apply for accommodation after getting the admission letter from the institution.
  2. Moreover, do not delay the process once you have got admission. This works on first come, first serve basis.

Step by step guide for application

  1. You must gather all the information about accommodation. Heritage Consultants can assist you here. We give all the information to the students so that they are not oblivious to anything.
  2. The application forms are available online. Heritage Consultants can help you in explaining different clauses and requirements.
  3. Once you have received the reservation notice you are good to go.

Post-application process

  1. The applicants are informed via email about their accommodation.
  2. This email contains all the details about accommodation and reporting time

Reasons of rejection

There is a probability that some universities might reject your application. This happens due to two reasons.


  1. The university does not have on-campus hostel.
  2. Insufficiency of dormitories.

We do not leave you midway in case of rejection. At Heritage Consultants you can find a solution for every problem. We make sure that you find accommodation in the vicinity so that you have to travel less.
With our help you can ensure a perfect accommodation. We ensure your safe stay in China and our team of experts can guide you properly. Contact us right away.